Pore size 8 to 60 ppi


Non-Metallic inclusion in a casting are one of the most widespread causes of casting defects.They adversely effect surface finishing,mechanical properties, machining characteristics & pressure tightness.Even the smallest inclusion can lead to cracks, pinholes or poor surface finishing & make the final product scrapped.

Dhatukarm is a leader in molten metal filtration, particularly in the aluminium industries. We are the first manufacturer of ceramic filters in India. Dhatukarm filters have been used under all conditions with great success.

Inclusions also have a detrimental effect on extrusions.Studies in CAMALCO RESEARCH CENTRE Australia, have shown that inclusions are almost always associated with scoring and pick-up and therefore as a result they reduce extrudability. This has been confirmed by J. Langerweger , who found that if billet contains many inclusion particles larger than 20 micron in diameter then the extrusion rate could be reduced by upto 50%. In order to achieve maximum productivity with current applications, inclusions greater than 20 micron in diameter must be removed from the molten metal.

In this later, case refers to the use of Ceramics Filter to remove Non-Metallic inclusions : Aluminium Technology Conference 86- London.

Dhatukarm Filters are available in Square, Round, Cylindrical from 1 to 24 inches.

Any more special size is also available on request.