Product Description: 
Diecoats are generally water based lubricants for pressure and gravity die castings of Aluminium.

USAGE: Diecoats form lubricating film on the dieface which acts as a barrier between the molten metal and dieface to avoid erosion. Diecoat also helps in easy stripping of castings from the die.

Advantages: Reduces casting stains, Reduces rejections, Prevents excessive die temperature.


This Diecoat is applied on the Dies during the pressure Die-Casting. It can be used either directly or after mixing with Aluminium Paste.

DIECOAT-0636, 0936, 09864 (Water-Based) :

These Diecoats are a range of water based release coatings for pressure die casting applications. This coating is ideally suited for thin walled intricate Aluminium castings.This coating is an emulsion of speciality additives.The coating cools the die, prevents soldering of Aluminium.Since the coating is water based, it is environment friendly.


This Diecoat is used to achieve the finest quality of casting that does not require polishing.It does not left any casting stains. For 80-100 Litre of water, 1 Litre of Diecoat CHEM-TREND is used.


Aluminium Paste is an Aluminium pigment in paste form made from high purity aluminium as the raw material. The mains use of Aluminium Paste is in the Aluminium Die-Casting Industries.


REFCOAT is a range of Refractory water based coatings for Aluminium extrusion plants, sand moulds and cores, used in all non ferrous foundry applications. The coating is recommended for launder coating and hot-top sealing during DC casting of Aluminium in Extrusion plants. This coating forms a non-wetting refractory layer that prevents sticking of molten Aluminium, as it flows in the launder, from the furnace to DC caster.