Miracle in Salt Bath Carburizing:

Due to sudden hike in the price of Cyanide, Dhatukarm manufactured a new product named CYAN-ADD.The use of CYAN-ADD in the process of salt bath carburizing makes it possible to utilize only half of the quantity of Cyanide. This is due to the presence of active cyanide in it which also provides related case depth and hardness at the appropriate time.

Using Process:

Mix equal quantities of Cyanide and DHATUKARM CYAN-ADD.Now use this mixture in the same way as you use Cyanide i.e if your daily use limit of Cyanide is 20 KG, then you need to mix 10 Kg of Cyanide with 10 Kg of DHATUKARM CYAN-ADD and now use this 20 Kg mixture in the same way as you use Cyanide. You`ll get the same results.

Dhatukarm CYAN-ADD Customers:

1.  Metal Treatment Centre, Faridabad
2.  Clutch Auto Ltd, Faridabad
3.  Meta Tech India, Faridabad
4.  Chera Engg. Works, Faridabad
5.  Ajay Industries, Delhi
6.  Azad Industries, Ludhiana
7.  Accumet Engineers, Delhi
8.  Shri Sai Engineers, Sahibabad
9.  Emson Heat Treatment, Ludhiana
10.Ajay Industries, Anand Parbat and etc