Nitriding Salts

Liquid Nitriding Salt Bath Nitriding has been in use in a wide range of industries across the world for the improvement of surface properties like wear resistance (400-1000%) corrosion resistance, antiscuffing and anti galling properties and fatigue strength(60-100%) of the work piece made from any steel and cast iron. In many cases, it is used as an alternative method for the surface treatment processes such as hardening, hard chrome plating with equivalent or better properties.

Liquid Nitriding Salts:


It is the base salt of Nitriding. It contains 36% cyanate. To start the Liquid Nitriding process, the salt bath must contains only H.Q.-4 base salt at 650`C for 3 Hours.


When the Cyanate percentage in the salt bath is below 36%, then to increase 1% of cyanate in 100 Kg Bath, 1.5 Kg of H.Q.-2 salt is being added.
The special characteristics if this H.Q.-2 salt is that in not only increase the percentage of Cyanate but also gives the equal weight to the salt bath.However other Regenerator Salts like (Tuftriding Salt REG-1 or Sursulf Salt CR-2) only increase the Cyanate percentage and evaporate.

1.5 KG H.Q-2 = 1.5 KG CR-4 + 0.6 KG CR-2