Our Quality

About us

"DHATUKARM" is a leading name in the manufacturing of Foundry fluxes and Heat-treatment Salts, came into existence in the early 1989. We at DHATUKARM believes in achieving total customer satisfaction, professional approach for continual technological upgradation & consistency in quality without compromise. Its first aim is to produce high-quality products at most competitive prices under the supervision of its founder Mr. Mukesh Jain (B.E. Metallurgical Engineer, IIT Roorkee).

We are one of the foundry chemical suppliers to the metal industries for over many years for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals.

DHATUKARM always enforce to provide new technical solutions and consultancy to its customers which help them to continue their process in a most economical way.We have continuously enriched our capabilities in implementing and pursuing the latest standards in our operations. Our quality has improved our performance regularly.

We have built our success on the strong pillars of quality, innovation and dedicated customer service. We always try to maintain the highest standards in the industry by maintaining quality in each and every level of our production. We have introduced new refining processes, advanced technologies in manufacturing all of our products.We provide highest quality products, services and solutions to delight our customers.

Our focus is on adding economic values for our customers through products supported by innovative service, improved process capability in a more efficient way.

Helping make the most of our customers` existing assets while providing them an efficient foundation for future growth.

Our Quality

We are committed to maximising value to our customers. We are customer centric and embed quality and continous improvement in our everyday business processes, products, services, solutions and quality management approach.

"Quality begins with the intent which is fixed by Management"

   •  Quality is a part of the mindset of every team member and that helps the company to achieve total customer satisfaction.
   • Ensuring timely delivery of our products
   • Reducing cost of production through steady gain in productivity, upgrading, processes efficient utilization of resources
   • Continuously monitoring, analysing, improving, reviewing and maintaining our processes


 ;  • Customer oriented approach.
   • Leadership in Aluminium foundry and Aluminium Extrusion plants consumable chemicals.
   • One stop solution for all kinds of Foundry consultancy.
   • Leading providers of Heat Treatment consultancy and Heat Treatment Salts
   • Highly trained sales and technical staff.
   • A well recognised and established brand.
   • The proven track record in establishing, nurturing and growing successful businesses in developing economies.